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Credit Insurance in Australia and Export Markets

Euler Hermes credit insurance policies allow you to sell with confidence, giving valuable protection against the consequences of insolvency or non-payment of one of your buyers, whether they are located in Australia or in any of a further 200 countries around the world.
Euler Hermes insure companies of all sizes against the risk of not being paid. Specifically
- We insure trade receivables
- We insure short term risk (credit terms up to 180 days)
- We insure business to business transactions
- We insure on a portfolio basis
- Insolvency and Protracted Default are covered for domestic markets
- Contract Repudiation cover, and defined Political Risk cover can be added if required on export based policies
As a Euler Hermes client, you will not only benefit from our protection of your assets and from an improvement in your cash flow, you are also able to focus on expanding your business to new and emerging markets with our support and our information on buyers all over the world.
When you insure your accounts receivable with Euler Hermes, you can:
- Avoid catastrophic bad-debt losses
- More confidently achieve financial objectives
- Safely expand sales
- Secure better borrowing terms
- Reduce bad-debt reserves
Please contact us should you be interested in our products and services. We can determine together which credit insurance solution best fits your needs.
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Euler Hermes in Australia
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