Euler Hermes Online Information System (EOLIS) is our online client policy management system that provides you with instant, secure access 24/7 to information regarding your credit insurance policy.
  • Credit Limit Requests

    EOLIS gives you instant responses to credit limit request through its connection to our rich database of 40 million companies. The buyer’s financial status, profitability, liquidity, size, sector, payment behavior and location are automatically analyzed and you receive directly the information (credit limit, grade, company synthesis) you need to take action.
  • Overdue Management

    EOLIS enables you to administer your monthly past due reports, insured claims and uninsured collections. Through the overdue management service you can easily view and download the list of all past dues, file a claim or see the collection report.
  • Policy Administration and Information

    EOLIS is the unique platform where you can manage your policy, find useful documents and contacts.

    *The described functionalities may vary slightly depending on the country and policy type.

    • A centralized view of all policies
    • The opportunity to obtain online coverage decisions in real-time
    • The ability to save time on administrative tasks.

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