Why choose Euler Hermes bonding solutions?



We are a leading surety provider in many countries offering a full range of bonds and guarantees to companies of all sizes, from small businesses to large multinationals.

Our bonds and guarantees give you room for financial relief by taking pressure off your credit line with your bank. Acting as a completely independent guarantor, we assume liability for you toward third parties. This can take the shape of bonds, guarantees or other kinds of surety.

Our expertise and underwriting skills enable us to issue bonds for companies both large and small, and for almost all sectors of industry and commerce.

Through the extensive international network of the Allianz Group we are able to issue bonds on behalf of our clients around the world.

What are the key benefits of partnering with Euler Hermes bonding?

Euler Hermes bonding solution benefits include:
  • A flexible alternative to safeguard liquidity and free working capital
  • Relief for your credit line with your bank
  • A solid guarantor (AA- Rating by Standard & Poor's) Euler Hermes is a reliable reference for your beneficiaries and your financial partners
  • A global network of offices
  • International experience as a guarantor.
Thanks to EH bonding solutions you can ensure a long-lasting supplier partnership and find the right solution for each business sector.